One Credit Coolness

Story by Kim Fucci

It always seems to be a struggle to secure a spot in a certain class. Some have also experienced falling one credit short of the 12-credit minimum for full-time students.

Believe it or not, JMU has its fair share of one credit electives which are available to all students. The Kinesiology department offers a wide choice of classes if you are interested in moving around or are generally very outgoing. Kinesiology 124 (KIN 124) is titled “Basic Rock Climbing,” while Kinesiology 138 (KIN 138) is just titled “Racquetball.” The department offers about 20 more one credit courses ranging from disc sports all the way to scuba diving.

Thinking about studying for a career in science, but not sure which department? Introduction to Health Sciences (HTH 150) is a one credit class that introduces conceptual ideas such as a wide array of health careers, as well as teaching the importance of gaining early and regular field experience. If you’re interested in the stars, then Exploring the Night Sky (ISCI 104) is the class for you. The class usually takes place at the John C. Wells Planetarium in Miller Hall.

JMU is more diverse than you might think, as University Studies (UNST 150) — Global Learning and Living — will give U.S. students the opportunity to meet with international students through residence hall programs and service learning. Want to spice up your science skills? Think about taking Chemistry 131L (CHEM 131L) — General Chemistry Lab. Some students will take this as a general education class, but don’t be afraid to take it out of special interest.

When watching high-intense basketball games, many people will find themselves yelling at the referees or umpires as a way of protesting a bad call. If you want to figure out why the officials make certain decisions, then Kinesiology 190 (KIN 190) — Basic Sports Officiating — is the class for you.

Some may be wondering what the point of a one credit class is when it’s unrelated to their major. With the wide amount of electives here at JMU, students can easily expand their disciplines and learn to talk about a variety of subjects.


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