Academics 101, or the Reason Why You’re Here

On top of the academic problems you may have in the classroom, some may arise outside of the classroom. Here are three common problems you may face, and how to solve them.

Adviser Problems-An adviser, particularly in your freshman year, is meant to help guide you on the journey to choosing a major. However, sometimes when you email them to set up appointments they may not respond.

  1. Email them again.

Sometimes advisers have busy schedules, and emails can get lost in the shuffle. Your adviser may have thought they emailed you, but it slip his or her mind.

  1. Go to their Office.

When emailing doesn’t work, direct contact is your next option. Find out where their office is and when their office hours are. If you can’t find them, search for them on the JMU website.

  1. Go to the Department’s office.

The office staff can help you get in touch with your adviser or help you get a new one if you decide that what you have now isn’t the right fit.

Choosing a major-Selecting a major is like trying to find a nice suit: it may take time and work to find, but once you do, you’ll feel great. Here are some tips to guide you to your future major.

  1. Look at the major requirements.

Before you go through the paperwork, make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into.

  1. Go see your adviser.

They can help answer any questions you have and provide guidance over any lingering concerns.

  1. Fill out a change of major form.

Located in any department office, this is the form you must fill out to change your major or degree. Make sure you have the proper signatures on the form and check MyMadison about a week after you file the form to make sure the changes went through.

Hold-A hold is when you have some outstanding debt to the university. This means you can’t do simple things like sign up for classes, obtain transcripts, or graduate.

  1. Find out why you have a hold.

If you feel like it’s a mistake, contact the registrar’s office.

  1. Take care of the hold.

Odds are the hold is a bill you need to may, a fine on something you borrowed, or some task you need to complete, like taking your Tech Level I test.

  1. Make sure the hold is removed from your record.

Go to MyMadison and check that the hold is taken off. If it isn’t, then contact the registrar’s office.

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