Embarrassing Stories

Anonymous students share their most embarrassing moments, from falling down the stairs to tripping on rocks

Story by Anthony Duggan

Photo Courtesy of The Breeze 

These mountains seem fun, but for some students, they’re dangerously embarrassing.


At some point in your life you will embarrass yourself. It’s inevitable. But sometimes, these embarrassing moments become great stories.

Corey*, a sophomore, was pepper sprayed by his friend’s roommate after initiating a verbal altercation in front of E-hall on a Saturday night. The group of 10 students who witnessed this argument couldn’t help but laugh. For the next three days, he found himself retelling this embarrassing story multiple times after receiving comments about his bloodshot eyes. “My whole chest and my eyes were beet red,” Corey said. “And all the girls in my hall were coming up to me and asking me what happened.”

For Alice*, a senior, her embarrassing moment wasn’t nearly as physically painful. After studying for her most important exam of the week, Alice accidentally misjudged the starting time of her class by 15 minutes. Standing in front of the quiet classroom with her mouth wide open, the whole class looked up and pointed at her with the thought that she wouldn’t be able to take the exam. Thankfully, her professor was understanding and allowed her take it without any issues. “I almost starting crying because I really didn’t know if I was going to be able to take the test,” Alice said. “It was very embarrassing and that was, like, a huge lecture class of 150 people.”

Arriving late to an exam doesn’t seem as embarrassing when compared to Alex’s tumble. Alex*, recent graduate, fell down the ight of steps in front of Ikenberry hall during his freshman year after a night out. Unaware that he had broken both his wrists, he continued on his journey back to his dorm with the hope of sleeping off the pain. “I make it down the rst ight of stairs all right. Go to the second ight, make it about three steps and then just face plant the rest of the way and landed on my arms and somehow got up,” Alex said.

The next day around 2 p.m., Alex rushed to the hospital to get x-rays done to only find out that he had broken his left wrist in four places and his right one in two. Both his casts brought a lot of unwanted stares and attention. It was an embarrassing semester for Alex because he felt other students were constantly judging him, especially his friends. “I couldn’t cut my food, so I had to have someone cut it for me if it was meat or something,” Alex said. “I also had people help me do my laundry and my roommate had to bathe me because I couldn’t get my arms wet.”

Just when you thought these embarrassing moments couldn’t get any worse, Rachel* proved otherwise. Rachel, senior, never pictured her night ending in the emergency room after hiking in Shenandoah Park on a warm night. While descending down the mountain with her group of friends, Rachel started to frantically run because of an alleged bear spotting. “I started sprinting because I thought it was bear that was going to eat me, and I tripped on a rock and snapped my ankle,” Rachel said. “It turned out to be just a baby deer.” Rachel’s friends couldn’t refrain themselves from laughing despite her injury.

For Tiffany, senior, mopeds are her worst nightmare. They are fun if you have mastered them, but if not, they can turn into your worst enemy. While stopped at a red light on Reservoir Street, Tiffany and her friend lost their balance and tipped over on the moped in front of other stationary cars. Not only did they fall over, but the moped fell on top of them. “There is probably a video of us falling off the moped,” Tiffany said. “We had multiple bruises on ourselves the next day from it falling on us.”

Tiffany was so embarrassed by the situation that she avoided using her moped for several weeks.

*Name has been changed.

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