What To Do At UREC

With rock walls, ping pong tables and classes, there’s more to UREC than pumping iron

Story by Anthony Duggan

Photos by Mackenzie Garden

UREC is home to more than just dumbbells and treadmills. It’s a place to foster strong relationships, partake in adventurous activities and learn about healthy lifestyles. From canoeing to cooking classes, UREC offers many different opportunities for JMU students to nd something they’re passionate about.

“People think of tness as this one track and single focus when really your body needs the opportunity to use different muscles or use muscles in a different way,” says Brian Fellin, a senior health communications major and current UREC employee. “If you’re looking for a fun way to get a good workout, but also feel like you’re not working out, definitely utilize the different areas of UREC.”

JMU’s Adventure Center offers many outdoor activities such as canoeing, kayaking and rock climbing. Other undertakings such as ping pong and racquetball, which could be utilized on your personal time, are provided to students through equipment checkout. UREC also provides many intramural teams and different club organizations that meet on a daily basis. UREC even offers food.

These wide range of activities can transpire into something more beyond the walls of UREC. “I think when you build meaningful relationships in and out of the gym it gives you more motivation to come in here and live a healthier lifestyle,” says Connor Holt, a junior communication studies major and current UREC employee.

One JMU student, Kasey Keup, a junior sports and recreation management major, found love for a sport that she never thought she would get involved: boxing. “I realized it was something I can do on my own and work toward,” Keup said. “It’s a great workout and I always feel so good after the class.”

UREC’s alternative activities are available for everyone to utilize, but it’s up to students to explore new opportunities and discover new passions.

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