The JMU Bucket List


Story by Caroline Alkire

Ten things to do before leaving JMU.

Get a hug with Duke Dog

The happiest person you’ll see around campus is the Duke Dog himself. You’ll catch your furry friend sauntering around the quad or casually catching a bus to east campus, wearing nothing but his gold and purple crown. simply give Him a friendly wave and a winning smile; he’ll definitely return your greeting with enthusiasm.

Eat brunch at E-Hall

Come Sunday morning, your stomach is in need of pancakes, waffles, omelettes and biscuits galore, and there’s no better place to quench a brunch craving than E-Hall. Located on east campus, it boasts the best brunch on campus.

Throw Streamers on Game Day

On game day, nothing’s better than moseying over to Bridgeforth Stadium and taking a seat in the student section. Throw those purple and gold streamers with pride (maybe even snag an epic picture for your Instagram. #godukes).

Hike Reddish Knob

JMU boasts an incredible landscape, so take advantage of your surroundings and hike up Reddish Knob. This prime hiking point is just an hour away from campus, and is one of the highest points in Virginia. Bring your friends and make a day of it; nothing beats that beautiful view.

 Grab a cone at Kline’s Dairy Bar

Once that epic hike is over and you’re feeling more like eating than exercising, head downtown and order yourself an ice cream cone from Kline’s. From brownie batter to peach, the monthly special flavor never fails to impress the taste buds.

Enjoy a burger at Jack Brown’s dowtown

If you’re still hungry and tired of campus food, hitch a ride downtown to the burger joint of all burger joints: Jack Brown’s. Indulge in the famous Greg Brady Burger, topped with mac n’ cheese and Barebecue potato chips. Jack Brown’s has a variety of burger and hot dog choices, some of which may surprise your taste buds. Don’t forget a fried Oreo for dessert.

Snuggle a puppy

In the spring, JMU dog lovers flock to Gap View Ranch & Kennel for an afternoon of pure puppy fun. Snuggle up with the baby Golden Retrievers, play with the full-grown dogs and admire all the animals on the farm (don’t forget to bring a few dollars to donate).

Grilled Cheese day

At JMU, Thursdays mean one thing: grilled cheese. Before your weekend plans begin, be sure to hit up D-Hall for the classic grilled cheese and tomato soup combo for dinner. The crispy deliciousness of a D-Hall grilled cheese is only available once every seven days, so take advantage of this monumental weekly event.

Catch the sunset

Make your way over to ISAT at dusk, and find your way up to rooftop garden. What’s even more breathtaking than the garden itself is the amazing view. With the Wilson cupola in sight, you can see farther than you’d ever expect. The rooftop garden truly captures the beauty of Harrisonburg and JMU.

Take a selfie with Wilson

Who is Wilson you ask? Wilson Hall, built in 1931, overlooks the entire quad and is a classic staple of everything that represents purple and gold. Peek into the auditorium or admire the cupola at night, but whatever you do be sure to snap a photo in front of Wilson, because only then, are you an official JMU duke.


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