Athletes Remember the Good ‘Ole Days

Arthur Moats, Kevin Munson, and CJ Sapong gave us some insight into how it felt playing for JMU and what it’s like to become a professional athlete.

What was your favorite memory of JMU?

Arthur MoatsHow nice the people were! Everyone from the students to the staff was so nice and happy.

CJ SapongMy favorite memory would have to be the week of our centennial celebration my freshman year. The overall school spirit was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before and made me very proud and happy that I chose JMU

Kevin MunsonMy freshman year “crank that” by Soulja Boy was hot. Everytime it came on everyone would start dancing no matter where they were.

What do you miss about JMU?

Arthur MoatsI definitely miss playing a bridgeforth stadium! The fans were the best by far! J-M-U- DUKESSSSS

CJ SapongI miss just about everything about JMU. I miss all my friends in housekeeping and dining services that I made throughout my years. I miss the everyday encounters with my fellow athletes and athletic staff at Godwin and the APC. I also, of course, miss the freakin’ weekends!

Kevin MunsonTo list a few, I miss crushing E and D hall after practice with my teammates, tailgating, snowdays, Karaoke at the pub, and the first warm days of spring.

What is it like to be a professional athlete?

Arthur Moats: It’s a very fun experience because of the traveling, people you meet, and the pay. But at the same time it’s very stressful due to the constant evaluation, the amount of hours spent preparing, and just how your body is generally feels after every game.

CJ SapongAs cliche as it sounds, it really feels like a dream come true. There’s nothing like doing what you love for a living. Being a professional athlete isn’t as easy as it seems as it requires dedication, hardwork, and mental toughness day in and day out. I try to welcome the challenges with a positive mind. I feel soo blessed to be in my position and am appreciative of this opportunity to take my game to the highest level possible.

Kevin MunsonMoving on to play professional sports is really special, its what I’ve always dreamed of doing. Traveling all over the country and playing with guys from all over the world keeps it pretty entertaining.

What has been your favorite experience so far as a professional athlete?

Arthur Moats: My favorite experience would be all the “play 60” events I have participated in because it gave me a chance to interact with the children and at the same time promote something very positive.

CJ Sapong: Scoring in my first professional game, being voted the league’s Rookie of the Year, and playing for the national team have been the greatest experiences so far. I’ve also really enjoyed speaking and teaching the youth about succeeding in soccer and in life. It’s very fulfilling to know that you’ve impacted somebody’s life in a positive way.

Kevin Munson: Last year I played on 2 championship teams. One during the regular season, and the in Arizona Fall League. It doesn’t get much better then that.



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